Dash Cams – Yay or Nay?

Dashboard cameras are becoming more and more popular in today’s trucking industry. You can go on YouTube and find a plethora of entertaining and shocking videos from around the world. Many use them for insurance purposes to protect themselves from fraudulent claims. Truckers no doubt use them for the same reason. Sure, when they bunker down for the night they might have loads of entertaining footage to also keep them occupied but bottom line: the camera is for safety and insurance. We found an article here on...
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It’s the little things!

I recently came across This Article on Truck News regarding the bottle neck of traffic between Mavis Rd. and Mississauga Rd..

Since we're a Mississauga based carrier, our trucks and staff travel this section of the 401 daily. I dread this stretch of the highway at any time of day but at rush hour it's a disaster. From Mavis to the 407 you'll be lucky to hit 30kmh. I've often taken the 407 the few kilometers from our office around just to avoid it.

It's interesting what...

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