Skyway Madness


What the? How the? Huh?

That's basically what went through our minds when seeing reports Thursday about a driver who shut down the Burlington Skyway after slamming into it with a raised dump body. One might ask themselves: How is this even possible? The fact that the 'driver' was later charged with impaired driving was inevitable.

Although OTR doesn't deal with these types of trucks (or these types of drivers for that matter!) doesn't mean that it isn't...

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Share the Road!

I couldn't count how many times I've seen drivers (cars, SUVs, personal vehicles) take huge risks while sharing the road with a rig or large truck. It's a shame this isn't covered on your driving test! Not everyone knows how large a truck's blind spot is: truck-safety-training-1 How often have you been in one of these zones and had a truck head your way? You blame the truck-driver but he/she isn't always at fault. Truckers needs LOTS of room...
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Need Help?

Would you or someone you know benefit from personal service and competitive rates when it comes to freight and shipping needs? Send them our way!

Over the Road is always looking for new customers! We strive to provide excellence in customer service by ensuring your freight is on time, every time at a competitive rate. Our logistics team will be happy to assist you from your first call until the freight is delivered.


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