Women in Trucking

Women in trucking isn't something you see very often except when contacting accounting or administration at a certain company. Sure, larger companies have quite a few female customer service representatives but when it comes to dispatch and drivers especially, it's very rare.

The majority of truck drivers are approaching the age of retirement. As with many trades and industries this is a huge concern. Those just entering the work force don't generally see themselves driving a truck for a living, just as they don't see themselves...

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Cyber Theft of the Freight Kind

Although we are busy moving freight for our customers, we often come across interesting articles we can't help but share and here is another:

I'm sure everyone has heard the phrase 'fell off the back of a truck' and up until recent years this was a common occurrence. Drivers took extra precaution over night and on the weekends to protect valuable freight such as consumer goods. Even things you wouldn't expect: paper, fabric and other materials that can be turned into finished goods are at risk...

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