It’s the little things!

I recently came across This Article on Truck News regarding the bottle neck of traffic between Mavis Rd. and Mississauga Rd..

Since we’re a Mississauga based carrier, our trucks and staff travel this section of the 401 daily. I dread this stretch of the highway at any time of day but at rush hour it’s a disaster. From Mavis to the 407 you’ll be lucky to hit 30kmh. I’ve often taken the 407 the few kilometers from our office around just to avoid it.

It’s interesting what a difference a 3% grade makes in fuel consumption. I wonder if My. Lynch realizes that once the 401 is widened, the bottle neck will be relieved and therefore there wont be as many trucks and drivers slowing down and then grinding back up the grade.

Mr. Lunch has some great insight on ways to reduce our carbon foot print and has a great idea on how to fix the dip in the 401 at the Credit River flood plain but who’s going to pay for it?

Maybe Mr. Lynch will offer to pay or subsidize the viaduct he proposes? His dedication to reduce his and his employees’ carbon foot prints is pretty inspirational. I’d love a subsidy to move closer to work! Not only would it cut down on my emissions, but would give me more time at home with my family. Although Mr. Lynch currently does his part for the environment in little ways, he is looking at the bigger picture for the future.

Commenters on the article bring up a lot of great suggestions to keep traffic moving other than this viaduct proposed:

  • synchronized traffic lights so trucks aren’t starting from 0kmh as often
  • enforcing the passing lane vs traveling rule
  • ticketing those that don’t follow simple safety rules/laws like lights on at night, signaling a lane change, moving over for stopped or emergency vehicles or being in the appropriate lane when they need to exit

This post could go on and on and we all have our grievances regarding traffic and drivers but trucks are hit the hardest as they take more time to get back up to speed after being cut off and then get blamed for fuel consumption and holding up traffic.

If we all do our part with regards to the environment as well as road safety and the government does it’s share by expanding this corridor, traffic could be alleviated and we’d all have a smoother trip…. Wishful thinking!

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