New Recruits

As the trucking workforce ages, transportation companies are wondering how they’re going to refill the pool of candidates.  If you ask most high school kids or even college and university students what they want to do in the future you can almost bet driving a big rig isn’t at the top of their list.

We found an article from “Today’s Trucking” that provides some insight from one intern on what Gen Y would need to enter the trucking world: How to Attract Gen Y.  There are so many little boys that dream of big trucks and machinery but somehow as they grow up that dreams turns into marketing, business and finance dreams (among others). The trucking industry seems to put into the same category as industrial trades. Just like the trades, trucking is essential to every industry.

So what is it Gen Y is looking for? No doubt social media and technology are intriguing and enticing to young professionals. Why do you think a trucking company even has a blog? Or a Facebook or LinkedIn page? We understand that we need to reach out not only grow our business and obtain new customers but to get our name out there and attract the younger generation.

We can’t help but wonder if those autonomous truck we mentioned might entice Gen Y into the business since they’d still be able to stay in touch with social media while driving a technologically advanced truck.

What are your thoughts? What do you think the trucking industry needs to do to attract the younger generations?


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