Skyway Madness


What the? How the? Huh?

That’s basically what went through our minds when seeing reports Thursday about a driver who shut down the Burlington Skyway after slamming into it with a raised dump body. One might ask themselves: How is this even possible? The fact that the ‘driver’ was later charged with impaired driving was inevitable.

Although OTR doesn’t deal with these types of trucks (or these types of drivers for that matter!) doesn’t mean that it isn’t an eye opener to the importance of safety and screening.

We hope that those who were there or witnessed the incident don’t get a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to truck drivers.

We found some information on the Ontario Trucking Association website that sheds some light on this situation:

Ontario Road Safety Annual Report, 2011 Data Regarding Drug and Alcohol Use Involving Commercial Drivers:

  • Alcohol was involved in zero percent of all fatal collisions involving heavy trucks.
  • According to the most recent Ontario Road Safety Annual Report (ORSAR 2011), Ontario’s drinking and driving rate was 0.12 per 10,000 licensed drivers (all classes of licences), the lowest fatality rate compared to, for example, every US State.
  • According to ORSAR, large truck drivers are also less likely to be impaired by alcohol or drugs than all other drivers.

It is comforting to know there are facts like this when one person makes such an idiotic decision to get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. It is mind blowing that the only casualty in the incident was the bridge itself and not other innocent bystanders.

In short: Drive Safe everyone!

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